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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring external bought items in for embroidery?

Ultimately Territory Uniforms will no longer accept external non-Territory Uniforms items for embroidery. The risk is too high and often the materials are not suitable for embroidery. You must contact Territory Uniforms in the first instance to confirm.

Can Territory Uniforms design a logo for us?

Not at the moment. We currently request all logos and images be provide to Territory Uniforms. We can however work with you to make any alterations to a logo for better suitability for your garment.

What if the style of uniform I have chosen is discontinued?

Chat with us to find an alternative option whether it be similar to replicate or a completely new option.

How long will my order take?

It depends on each order and its requirements. We stock items in store that you can walk in, try and buy on the spot.

If you are ordering uniforms, this could take 2-3 weeks just to receive from the supplier due to current manufacturing and delivery delays.

If you are having anything embroidered or digital heat press, you must firstly provide your logo, it needs to be digitally transferred into a format usable by our machines, depending on the size of the logo, number of colours etc will take longer relative to the final design.

If you are getting anything personalised, this will also take a little longer as it is considered a whole separate set up process.

Having multiple logos or badges on easy or difficult parts of the items may need handmade solutions therefore longer than our speedy machine timeframes.

Your order can also be delayed if you have not confirmed or paid for your items in a timely manner. We are unable to proceed to certain steps - especially embroidery or heat press - without full payment.

* We are also influenced and ultimately restricted by our suppliers and their stock and their situations. The 2020 Worldwide pandemic has seen many manufacturers close down or reduce staff and therefore reduce workflow and productivity therefore delaying production and delivery and extending timing of orders.

Can my business set up a list of approved items maybe with an approved budget to purchase additional/personal items?

Yes. We often have businesses creating approved item listings and offer fittings for staff before placing individual orders.