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Handy Hints

Handy Hints - things to consider when ordering uniforms


  • What is the item for? Work uniform, sports uniform or team supporter gear and how professional or casual can it be.

  • Who is it for? Consider sizes, sleeves for juniors, male or female cuts and preferred style, length for modesty

  • Consider comfort - when sitting/moving/raising arms/bending over
  • Does it need to be SPF rated, fire retardant, sun smart?

  • How often will you wear it? do you need multiples or different versions/styles/colours for different days

  • Do you need functionality like pockets, key chain loops, collar, foldable cuffs

  • Are you able to wash and iron your garment consistently or do you need a wash and wear fabric that does not need ironing?

  • Is it a style that will suit all body types? Do you need to consider a maternity option in your style guide? What are alternative options for people to choose? Is there an option for custom made garments?

  • Will the style/fabric design be available for years to come? Some suppliers change their styles often and you may need to consider alternatives.

  • Where will the garment be worn as you may need to consider the weather and therefore the fabric and colour - interstate, on the roof, out bush, in high dirty or greasy areas, around kids and craft!

  • Do you need matching apparel? i.e. hats, bags, jackets, pants, training and game versions.

  • How often have or do you change your uniform needs? Does cost/budget impact your decision or options?


  • How detailed is your logo? the more details and the more colour thread needed which will add expense. Is it too detailed that a small version of embroidery won't be legible?

  • How big is the logo? size will again determine number of stitches and amount of thread therefore adding extra cost.

  • Does the logo have a 'fade out' or shading quality - this can be hard to replicate with thread - but any image can be replicated in sublimation or digital heat transfers.

  • What colour are the items the logo to go on - will the colours clash or stand out.

  • Do you need different logo colour options in your style guide to allow for different fabric or backdrop options

  • Does your logo fit the area - does it need to be stacked or in line

  • Do you need it personalised - have you confirmed spelling, sizing and policies that the business or legislation recommends (i.e. it should be considered and discussed in detail if you are going to have a child's first name printed visibly on anything - Stranger Danger)