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Terms and Conditions

Returns and Refunds

Please consider your purchase carefully. All sales are final. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, customers are no longer able to return items that are unwanted including wrong sizes. If there are any manufacturing faults, please discuss with Territory Uniforms.


It is Territory Uniforms policy to check the relevant Identification is provided for customer purchasing items for certain industries - i.e. medical, defence, security and government. This could include photo ID along with your employment ID and other relevant information depending on your employer.

Financial Policies

Please consider your purchase carefully. Territory Uniforms will be updating their finance policy from 1st January 2021.

All orders MUST have a 50% deposit paid for before items can be ordered (exclusive of embroidery and alteration costs). Your deposit will be forfeited if you cancel your order after your order with the supplier has been placed. Exceptions to this may be some Account Customers who have an agreed file credit amount.

Goods on Approval

If you wish to take any items from the store for sizing or styling at your office, you may do so by completing a Goods on Approval form. From 1st January 2021, all Goods on Approval will be subject to a 50% deposit per item. If any item/s come back and are blemished, marked, stretched or damaged in any way, the customer will be required to pay the full cost of the item/s. All items MUST be returned within 2 weeks or full price may be charged for the items.


After much consideration, Territory Uniforms will no longer be accepting items to be embroidered that aren't purchased in store. Unless otherwise discussed and/or agreed a minimum of 5x items using the same logo must be ordered. Personalisation must be done in conjunction with a minimum of 5 items using the main logo.

Badges / Patches

After much consideration, Territory Uniforms will no longer be producing badges/patches in house. If you require badges/patches you may provide them to us to use to add to Territory Uniforms purchased products at discussed cost.


From the 1st January 2021, all new logos will incur a $50 set up fee. This includes digitisation and sample production. If your company requires a new logo or variation of the logo other than thread colour changes the $50 set up will be applied to all separate and new logos. Territory Uniforms can provide digitisation of logos supplied to us if you don't have the correct file type. We can accept PDF and JPEG images. You must provide the PMS or Pantone colour numbers to identify the correct colours to use and identify what section of the logo requires the colours advised.

Territory Uniforms will provide a sample of the embroidered logo that we keep on file. All samples MUST be sighted and signed off before we will fulfill any orders requiring embroidery. Please consider the fabric and colour of the item the logo will be embroidered onto. Does it need a border? Do the colours clash or help stand out? Do you need to consider blocking and bordering your logo, or varying the colours for your logo to avoid clashes? Failure to provide any of the above will delay the process.If you have a Sponsor Logo to be embroidered onto your item, you MUST supply all of the above details. Territory Uniforms  would welcome any previous examples of your or your sponsors logo that has been embroidered previous for reference as well.

Account Customers

Account Customers can only be set up by Territory Uniforms management. Each account may be slightly different to another due to individual requirements, business spend at Territory Uniforms  and any discounts considered. All accounts are kept confidential. From the 1st January 2021, all accounts will be reviewed. It is at Territory Uniforms discretion to cancel an account at any time if the customer does not adhere to Terms and Conditions. Accounts will be automatically suspended if more than 2 months overdue.


It is really important that everyone's expectations are met during the ordering process. We want to ensure there is no confusion or disappointment if there is not a clear understanding of how long some items may take to be fulfilled.

From confirming your quoted item, to receiving your item can take as long as 3 weeks depending on the following:
  • You have approved your Quote in writing and by providing the necessary PO (purchase order) if required by your company.
  • You have provided ALL details for your logo and any sponsor logo including sighting and sign offs.
  • You have paid any required deposits before an item can be ordered
  • You have paid in full any accounts before your items can be embroidered
In addition, due to the current COVID-19 climate, even though our Australian business are receiving and returning to business as usual, they still require some or all of their stock or materials to be produced and sent from overseas. As at the end of 2020, We are still experiencing longer than usual delays in shipments as well as lack of stock availability for some brands. Depending on where the fabric, production and warehousing is can severely delay the shipping or ability to order items. Some suppliers and businesses are reconsidering the amount of stock they hold and therefore have extended order times to ensure less stock liability.As expected in any climate, new items are added to catalogues and redundant items are discontinued frequently. If an item you usually order is discontinued, we will assist you to find the closest matching or alternative option to suit your needs.

Gear not collected

If you have ordered gear and it has been sitting in our warehouse for over 3 months, we will place it back in with floor stock. This includes items that have been paid for. (note: you will receive a final reminder that we have had the item in store for 2 months and a final collection date you can adhere to before we place it back in stock). You will not be eligible for any refunds for change of mind especially if you have had embroidery, heat press or alterations to your garment.